Design new strategies and create business models to be successful in this digital world


This program in 3 years allows to develop the right digital mindset, master a set of digitals tools and be able to create new business strategies to be applied immediately in companies or start-ups. This cutting edge program aims to first develop the fundamental management knowledge and capabilities and then deep dive into the new business rules that are shaping every industry.

Program Flow

During this full english Bachelor’s course, students will have the opportunity to work on concrete projects and workshops. They will apply the knwoledge that they have acquired in a final assignment aiming at launching their own project.

There will be 2 mandatory internships of 5 months each. The first one will take place after 12 months of study and the second one at the end of the Bachelor’s degree. The school organise partnerships with other campus like European Business School Paris for the management module or the San Francisco campus with a travel 10 days.

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En savoir plus

180 crédits ECTS délivrés selon les accords de Bologne

Marketing / Management

Digital / Creativity

2 périodes de stage

Durée : 3 ans

1 rentrée par an

en Septembre

temps plein en cours + 2 stages de 5 mois

Frais de scolarité

48 000 CH

Liste des cours


  • Business strategy

  • Corporate finance & Accounting

  • Operations & Legal

  • Global perspectives & Challenges

  • Project management

  • Planning stratégique


  • Understanding the consumer

  • Market research and analysis

  • Planning

  • Value proposition

  • Go to market

  • Pricing & Sales

Digital Technologies & Channels

  • Mobile

  • Facebook & Google

  • Data & CRM

  • Virtual reality & Augmented reality

Creativity & Innovation

  • PAO

  • Creative thinking

  • User experience design


  • Business models & Growth hacking

  • Culture of performance

  • Start up fundingl

  • The art of pitching

Brand & Communication

  • Brand strategy

  • Storytelling

  • Communication strategy

  • Value proposition

  • Measurement & Optimisation

Personal Branding

  • Personal development

  • Negociations & Team working

  • Two internships of 5 months each

  • Bachelor’s project

Rentrée de février

Piscine, remise à niveau

D’août à septembre

Cours en alternance

D’octobre à octobre

(1 semaine de cours / 3 semaines en entreprise)

Rentrée d'octobre

Piscine, remise à niveau

D’août à septembre

Cours en alternance

D’octobre à octobre

(1 semaine de cours / 3 semaines en entreprise)