Become digital thinkers and project leaders with the ability to adapt to all the changes of tomorrow


The objective of this comprehensive on-the-job training is to learn the fundamentals of brand marketing and how the digital world is offering new opportunities and process to be able to learn how to drive a marketing strategy in a digital world, develop relevant brand content strategy, use different communication channels and leverage analytics to continually optimise recommendations.

Program flow

During this Master course, students will have the opportunity to work on actual projects during worshop sessions and apply the knowledge that they have acquired in actual company assignments. By going to place, they will also have the opportunity to discover and interact with companies and understand what their current key challenges are.

This program includes 10 months of full time courses, an internship of 5 months and personal work for the Master’s thesis, workshops, e-learnings and 1 trip to Europe.

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En savoir plus

120 crédits ECTS délivrés selon les accords de Bologne

Brand content

Digital Marketing

5 mois de stage

Durée : 18 mois

1 rentrée en Octobre pour le Master 1 et en Mars pour le Master 2

temps plein en cours + 5 mois de stage

Frais de scolarité

Master 1 : 9 000 €

Master 2 : 10 000€

(tarif spécial pour les étudiants du groupe INSEEC.U)

Liste des cours

Marketing strategy & Planning

  •  Audit of a marketing environment for a business

  •  Understanding the new connected consumer

  • Development of an integrated marketing strategy

  • Recommendations for implementation and budgeting

  • Performance & analytics

Business models & Transformation

  •  New business models

  •  Design thinking

  • Data driven Management

  • Project management

Digital Marketing & Channels

  •  Integration of social networks into strategic recommendations

  • Brand presence management and optimization on Facebook and Instagram

  • Developing an editorial calendar & publication plan

  • Mobile marketing & proximity marketing

  • Optimising the role & the experience of a website

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • CRM strategy & email marketing

Brand content

  •  Trends and consumer behaviour

  •  History of communication and the web

  • Brand content & role of communication

  • Media evolution

  • Most impactful formats


  •  Omnichannel media planning

  •  Strategies for sponsored links

  • Management & optimisation of campaigns on the major platforms

  • Integration of advertising on mobile platform

  • Innovation & real time bidding


  •  Brainstorming techniques

  •  Art of negociation

  • Agile project management

  • Storytelling & Creativity

  • Branding workshop

Rentrée de septembre

Piscine, remise à niveau

De janvier à février

Cours en alternance

De mars à mars

(1 semaine de cours / 3 semaines en entreprise)