Develop the knowledge and capabilities necessary to identify and analyse the key factors driving competitiveness and innovation


This part-time study program was develop for individuals who believe that business innovation is on the critical path to transforming our social systems, going beyond simple technology and process automation.

Program flow

During this Master’s course, students will have the opportunity to work on concrete projects. They will apply the knowledge tht they have acquired in a final assignment aiming at launching their own project. In addition to courses, you’ll attend to workshops, e-learning / webcast and travel Masters project.

You could get 2 days inspiration from USI in Paris, an OCTO technologies event USI has grown to become a benchmark for major international conferences on digital transformation. It’s possible to travel to san Francisco to meet some of the most inspiring companies and experts in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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En savoir plus

120 crédits ECTS délivrés selon les accords de Bologne

Design thinking

Corporate strategy / Entrepreneurship

Formation en exécutif

Durée : 14 mois

1 rentrée par an

en Septembre

Rythme alterné

Cours toutes les 2 semaines

(le vendredi et le samedi)

Frais de scolarité

20 500 CHF

(tarif spécial étudiants du groupe INSEEC.U)

Liste des cours

Design thinking

  •  Digital thought leaders perspective

  •  Marketing in Digital World

  • Technology trends in a Digital World

  • Enablers and platforms

  • Product creativity techniques

  • Software crefting & Fab Lab

Agile product development

  •  Product development process

  •  Development techniques, architectures and operationel systems

  • Software crefting, prototyping and testing

  • Deliver product objectives

Lean value Proposition

  •  Lean canvas for value proposition

  • Minimal valable product

  • Technology ecosystem & Disruption models

  • Consumer research & Market benchmark

Customer experience

  •  User experience design and empowerment

  •  Customization management

  • Web & Mobile platforms

  • Setting key performance indicators

  • Value offer design & Packaging

  • Data & Targeting

Corporate strategy

  •  Value creation

  •  New business models

  • Business and features planning

  • Process and tools for execution

  • Strategy presentation

Business development

  •  Lean commercial organization

  •  Market segmentation & Sales process

  • Business development & Pipeline building

  • Negociation skills

  • Communication and press relation

  • Marketing toolkit crafting


  • Leadership readiness

  • Company creation

  • IP Management

  • Startup investor toolkit

  • Team creation

Growth hacking

  • AARRR funnel analysis

  • Lean tactics methodology

  • KPI and OKRs

  • Growth best practices & tools

Rentrée de septembre

Piscine, remise à niveau

De janvier à février

Cours en alternance

De mars à mars

(1 semaine de cours / 3 semaines en entreprise)